Amazing Tile Cutting Techniques Bring Out Beautiful Designs

Tile cutting is an important yet sensitive procedure of a tile designing. Usually the main purpose behind the tile cutting procedure is to design the tiles with respect to customer’s friendly shapes and sizes.

Rfm tiles bring you best ceramic tile cutting:

We at Rfm cut tiles deal with wet saw. Our ceramic tiles are beautifully shaped with the help of a wet saw as it is the best tool among all the tile cutters. It is called as a wet saw for a reason and that is that is that it uses water while the process of cutting. Some water is sprayed on the saw to keep it cool and wet during the process of tile cutting in Melbourne. Wet saw can be used to make diagonally perfect and straight shaped ceramic tiles. It’s the best techniques because it aids in making small and precise cuts in ceramic and porcelain tiles.

The diamond hole saw is also use to cut tiles when attached to a power drill. The saw fits inside the chuck of the power drill just like any other drill and then it’s used to cut round holes inside the tiles. When good tiles are to come across any plumbing pipes or any other obstacles such a technique is a full time aid as it helps in making the right sized cuts and holes.

The Manual tile cutter is another type of cutting technique we deal in Rfm tiles. The manual tile cutter aids in making perfect straight lined cuts in small sized tiles. It works on the simple principle of “score and snap” and according to that, it enables us to cut a bulk amount of tiles into desired sizes in a shorter span of time.

The tile nippers is one of our most used tile cutting techniques we follow in Rfm tiles. Tile nippers are hand used clippers with which we make curved edges and draw curved lines on tiles. This aids in cutting a lot of shapes as it’s used by hand. The procedure we follow during the use of nippers is that we draw a reference line and then make small cuts towards the reference line drawn. Tile nippers are perfectly used in oddly structured areas where the cuts are impossible or not so neat to make. We are mostly asked to draw such patterns around the round bases of toilets and also along the corners of kitchen sometimes. 

Angle grinders are used to cut tiles within a specific angles. Most of the times our customers demand us to cut their required tiles in specific alluring shapes and that is not possible with all other kind of tile cutting techniques so in order to meet the customer demands w.r.t. designing we make use of angle grinders.

We at Rfm use Glass cutters to cut the tiles sometimes. We make use of glass cutters in order to precise cut of smaller tiles.