Best Areas In Your Kitchen To Direct DIY Ideas To

Consider these points and ensure you follow through with a smooth redesigning process! DIY is a great way to test out your existent or non-existent creative talents. But don’t worry there always is Google to help you out! Many areas in your house could undergo DIY projects, but it is only some that have successful effects on it. Here are a few such areas in your kitchen where you could direct your creative talents to;


The kitchen is just like any other room, selecting the right shade of coat to go with the other furniture and items is key in order to get the perfect kitchen you have always desired. There many DIY projects you could direct towards the walls. After all it has a large space and area specifically designed for this. It is up to you to make decisions that suit the area and make use of available space. This is also a great step towards kitchens renovations in Melbourne.

You could choose to stencil your walls in a chevron style or go for an out of the box idea with black stenciled alphabet wall that has the letter drifting and spreading away from one corner to the other. You could also hang up little wall décor aw well to go with the overall style of the place.


Replacing and reinstalling new tiles cost quite the hefty sum, when you consider the labor charges for this as well. However instead of that you could use tile paint and paint over them to give them a brand new look. Although kitchen resurfacing may or may not consider installing a whole new set of tiling for the backsplash, you could always follow through with your own plan. If you are unable to find the right shade of paint for your tiles, you could design your own backsplash. There are many materials that could be used for this and one such material are the corks you hold onto from leftover bottles. Use them and design your own unique backsplash!

Hardware and cabinets

This is another area to which you could easily direct many DIY projects to. If you are looking for a new look for your cabinets, you could choose to paint over the existing ones in a shade that you prefer the most. If you do not wish to paint over them you could simply go for new ones which are designed exactly the way you want. Take the opportunity to personalize them the way you want. You could also change the knobs and handles to give the place a new look instead of changing the entire cabinetry.

Fixtures and lighting

Change in the shading for your lights. You could obviously install new shades or you could DIY Mason jar shades. Changing the overall positioning in your kitchen too would be able to give it a new look.

Think creative and go crazy with the limitless DIY projects to be directed to your kitchen!