How To Create A Minimalistic Living Space

Although your dorm room would appear to be cold and uninviting during your first few days, with the aforementioned tips you can make it your own space. For minimalists less is always more. However, one may find it difficult to find a point between a cold, barren living space and a minimalistic living space when decorating. Thus, this article would clarify some basic points that one would need to know when creating a minimalistic living space.

DecorationsMany minimalists would consider natural lighting to be an accessory in itself. Therefore, if your space is located in an area which is susceptible to natural light you should ensure that you use this light by opting for sheer curtains. Furthermore, as a minimalist you may not wish to clutter your walls by hanging a multitude of pictures or artwork. But, if you wish to hang a few wall arts such as posters on your wall you should opt for quality personalized framing as it would create sleek outlook. Along with few tastefully placed artworks, minimalist could also use a plant to add some color to your space. However, if you do not have a green thumb you should ensure that you find a plant that is easy to take care of such as cactus; succulent or even a rubber plant could be used provided that it looks natural.

Furniture A minimalist would only select a few pieces of furniture to accentuate their living space. Hence, when selecting furniture one should opt for quality over quantity as few quality pieces would lead to a tasteful living space as opposed to a space cluttered with furniture. One should therefore first remove any items that are not essential to them. Furthermore, individuals should select furniture pieces that are pale in color and those that appear lightweight as they would cause your space to look more open. Moreover, minimalists would consider mirrors to be both a functional and a decorative piece as it can brighten up your space and make it look larger than it is. Thus, one can opt for custom made mirrors Melbourne to be used as a statement piece in your space.

ColorSome believe that minimalists should always select white to create that simplistic outlook, however one should note that in order for white walls to work one may need the perfect light to pull it off. Therefore, if you do not possess such light you could thereby select other soft neutral colors such as grey or even tans. However, this does not mean that you have to paint your entire living space a soft neutral color; instead you could select an accent color and paint a few walls this color. But one should be careful to use this accent color sparingly. Ultimately you should ensure that you create a living space that you’re comfortable with. Hence, with this article you should be able to create a space that is both inviting and minimalistic.