What To Do When A Child Locks Himself In A Room

Hope you cultivate an enriching relationship with your roommate and enjoy many years of great companionship!This is indeed one of the biggest nightmares that parents have! When a child or a toddler accidentally locks himself in a room and forgets how to unlock and door, not many parents can remain calm and composed or even think straight! The article below provides some details and guidance that will help you if this happens to you too.

Try to stay calm

Yes like it was mentioned earlier, it really is hard for parents to stay calm and composed when something like this happens. But do try anyway because if you don’t you will not be able to think of a good solution. Take a deep breath first and try to remind yourself that your child is safe and that the door will soon be opened. This awful experience will be over in a matter of a few minutes or hours.

Encourage toddler or the child to open the door

If you can, do try to encourage your toddler or the child to open the door. This will be an incredibly difficult task indeed. But give it a shot anyway because if your child could lock himself in the room, he should also have the ability to open the door. Not many young children understand which way to turn the key so they will fumble for a long time. If you do have a spare key you will not have problems of course, but if you don’t, well, make a mental note to call a few Adelaide locksmiths has and get a spare set as soon as you possibly can!

Call for help

If the child fails to open the door you will have to seek help from outsiders if you are alone in the house. Try to call a neighbor if you can and look for a solution together. If your phone is also locked inside the room with your child your situation will indeed become a lot more challenging. Having the ready assistance (and the phone!) of a neighbor will certainly benefit you! You can try calling a mobile locksmith so that the door would be opened.

Try to look for windows that will grant you entry into the roomIf all else fails you will have no option but to break in. Look for a window that can easily be broken and tell your child to move away. Then break the glass as gently as you can so that glass shards will not be scattered everywhere. Once you open the window, you will be able to easily access the room and open the door from the inside. This is a very scary situation that challenges even the most composed parent. You have to take measures to avoid such situations from taking place. Never leave keys in the lock and leave the room when your child is in it and always keep a spare set of keys to every door in the house in a safe place.